What We Do

At Finch Computing, we have a massive knowledge base of people places and organizations and the ability to perform complex, accurate analytics on text.

These assets, and an IP portfolio of more than two dozen unique inventions, are the basis for two powerful products: Finch for Text and FinchDB.

Together these innovative solutions enable a number of real-world use cases that drive real business value for our customer partners.


We help unlock the hidden value in billions of pieces of information to inform better business decisions.

Text Analytics at Scale


Fast, accurate analysis of unstructured text. Finch for Text, using NLP and proprietary algorithms, enables context-based, topic-based entity extraction and disambiguation. FinchDB and our proprietary compression approach enable scale and speed.


  • Content providers
  • News organizations
  • Information aggregators
  • Research institutions
  • Data asset management

Sentiment Analysis


Three-dimensional sentiment assignment. Finch for Text identifies entities and topics in text. Massive knowledge bases in FinchDB enable accuracy. Our algorithms leverage deep semantic features to 1) understand sentiment, 2) assign sentiment to entities, and 3) understand directional sentiment between them.


  • Reputation management
  • Product marketing
  • Media monitoring
  • Customer service improvements
  • Intelligence and security

Recommendation Engine


Real-time, context-based recommendations. Finch for Text identifies entities in streaming text. Then, FinchDB serves-up content that matches user-defined interest areas. It responds to user feedback, refining and reapplying predictive models in real-time.


  • Ad delivery
  • Product recommendations
  • Search suggestions
  • Content delivery

Scoring and Ranking


Predictive models determine priority content. Finch for Text structures and enriches unstructured content. Patterns and relationships are identified using FinchDB. Predictive models embedded in queries allow it to identify highest-priority content.


  • Automating manual research or investigations
  • Fuzzy searching

Real-Time Alerting


Instant notifications on changing, streaming data. Finch for Text enriches streaming text. Users set interest areas, baselines and thresholds for alerts. FinchDB alerts users to trends, changes or potential changes, using predictive analytics.


  • Fraud detection
  • Intelligence and security
  • Insider threat detection