Synthos Technologies Rebrands as Finch Computing

Synthos Technologies, a division of Qbase, LLC, today announced that it is rebranding both the division and its product offerings under a single brand. Effective today, Synthos Technologies will become Finch Computing and the company’s products will carry the names FinchDB, Finch for Text and Finch Analyst, as described below.

“In an effort to simplify and streamline our product portfolio, we are bringing our new and legacy products under one umbrella,” said Finch Computing CEO, Steve Baldwin.

“‘Finch’ is a combination of the words ‘find’ and ‘search.’ And when combined with the word ‘Computing,’ the name represents our commitment to delivering software solutions that allow customers to interact with information in entirely new ways; to find meaning and insight from data like never before.”

Finch Computing offers customers three products built on years of experience and an IP portfolio of more than two dozen unique inventions. These products are:

  • FinchDB, an in-memory computing platform with embedded analytics. It’s part database, part search engine and was built entirely in-memory for in-memory applications.
  • Finch for Text, an entity extraction and disambiguation engine that reads free-form text as a human would, extracting eight distinct entity types and distinguishing them from identically-named entities using massive knowledge bases and proprietary algorithms.
  • Finch Analyst, a customizable, end-to-end data discovery solution that allows customers across a variety of industries and use cases to better leverage their informational assets. Whether those assets are streaming or static. Internal or external. Words or numbers.

Baldwin continued, “We’ve been helping customers find greater value in their data via solutions across the federal government and the commercial markets. Today’s announcement is a reinforcement of that commitment. We’re looking forward to all that’s to come.”