Synthos Technologies Places Membership with CEA

Reston, VA – Synthos Technologies today became a new, start-up member of the Consumer Electronics Association, the global trade association uniting more than 2,000 companies within the consumer technology industry and the hosts of the renowned International Consumer Electronics Show.

“We are pleased to be a part of the CEA family,” Synthos Technologies CEO Erin-Michael Gill said. “The staff, the resources, the platform and the support that CEA can offer is tremendous. Their focus on innovation and new ways of doing things is exactly in line with our mission at Synthos Technologies. I look forward to a successful partnership.”

Upon placing membership, Synthos Technologies joined CEA’s start-up working group. This group, designed to create a forum for early-stage technology companies to connect and share best practices, meets quarterly. Given that Synthos Technologies is headquartered just minutes from CEA’s Arlington campus, the company plans to be very active in CEA events and programming.

“We are looking forward to benefitting from all that CEA has to offer and are fortunate to be located so close to such a powerhouse in the technology industry,” Gill concluded.

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