Synthos Technologies Makes its Gartner BI & Analytics Summit Debut

Las Vegas, NV – Synthos Technologies, a division of Qbase, LLC, today began its first-time participation in the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit held over four days in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year’s theme is “Crossing the Analytical Divide: New Technologies, New Skills,” a focus for which Synthos Technologies was a perfect fit.

“Gartner is an authority on technical research and analysis,” Synthos Technologies EVP, Products, Dr. Anne Hunt said. “To be a part of this event on business intelligence and analytics – exactly the space in which our IP is enabling us to bring some powerful new technologies to market – was really exciting.”

“We saw some great traffic at our booth, where we demoed our end-to-end, web-based business intelligence application, which was built on top of our very own in-memory computing platform,” she continued. “We’re excited about the connections we’ve made and the traction we’ve gotten, and we look forward to more, successful Gartner events.”

The Gartner BI & Analytics Summit convenes BI and performance management executives and managers, BI competency centers, business analysis professionals, data information, warehousing and management experts, CIOs, IT and business strategists and planners, enterprise and application architects, CFOs, financial executives and more.

It features panels, keynotes and seminars on topics like: leading a digital business with analytics; the evolution of self service and data discovery; big data and beyond; the impact of the wider Hadoop ecosystem; and growing advanced analytics skill sets. In addition, it offers a massive exhibit space for solution providers to demonstrate their technologies for attendees.

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