Four New Patents Awarded

Inventions in In-Memory Analytics, Topic Discovery, Entity Co-Occurrence and Search;

Company Congratulates Inventors Lightner, Weckesser, Boddhu and Flagg


June 30, 2017

Reston, VA – Finch Computing is today congratulating four of its on-staff inventors as the company receives notification of four new patents awarded in the areas of in-memory analytics, topic discovery, entity co-occurrence and search.  They are:

  • U.S. Patent # 9,659,108: Pluggable architecture for embedding analytics in clustered in-memory databases (Inventors: Scott Lightner and Franz Weckesser)
  • U.S. Patent # 9,626,623: Method of automated discovery of new topics (Inventors: Scott Lightner, Franz Weckesser, Sanjay Boddhu and Robert Flagg)
  • U.S. Patent # 9,619,571: Method for searching related entities through entity co-occurrence (Inventors: Scott Lightner, Franz Weckesser and Sanjay Boddhu)
  • U.S. Patent # 9,613,166: Search suggestions of related entities based on co-occurrence and/or fuzzy-score matching

“A huge kudos to Scott, Franz, Sanjay and Bob,” Finch Computing EVP of Operations Caryn Alagno said. “We have developed some really ground-breaking IP and our customer traction and satisfaction are validations of that claim. We’re looking forward to more of our pending patents being issued – and have been encouraged by how quickly our applications are making it through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.”

These patents bring Finch Computing’s total issued patent count to 26 across a diverse array of analytics, high-throughput system design, in-memory computing, text analytics and entity intelligence capabilities.  The company of just 20 staffers employs seven named-inventors on U.S. patents.

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