FinchDB offers Analytics as Intended. Meaning, it’s built for real-time, real-world predictive analytics use cases. It merges database, search and analytics capabilities into one all in-memory, massively scalable platform. Learn more.

  • Unique: At its core, FinchDB is an in-memory, distributed JSON, doc database. This alone is unique; but we’ve added in-database analytics capabilities and search innovations to enable a kind of performance never imagined for conventional databases.
  • Sophisticated: With FinchDB, you can embed dynamic, predictive models and a search specification in every query. You can change and reapply models as the data changes and get accurate, real-time results.
  • Scalable: FinchDB operates on commodity hardware, and proprietary compression algorithms compress data by more than 80 percent of its original size, making complex analytics at scale not only feasible but desirable.
  • Performant: An in-memory architecture and proprietary compression make FinchDB incredibly fast. As an example, FinchDB can process a single 3,000-character document in just 24.2 milliseconds! And, it can handle more than 1,800 queries per second on just a four-node computing cluster.