Finch for Text

At Finch Computing, we build new ways of interacting with information. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in our text analytics solution, Finch for Text® which makes human generated text machine readable. We say Finch for Text® is “software that reads and reasons” because proprietary technologies in the product enable it to extract, disambiguate and enrich entities and to assign sentiment to these entities in ways other solutions just can’t replicate.

Entity Extraction

Finch for Text® is an incredibly accurate solution, out-performing 14 other vendors on the critical measures of precision and recall.

Entity Disambiguation

We leverage our IP and our massive knowledgebases to resolve the identities of identically-named entities of the same type.

Entity Enrichment

Finch for Text® instantly enriches entities to make them more meaningful and more valuable for analysis.

Sentiment Assignment

We can assign sentiment at the entity-level. Most solutions only assess the sentiment of an entire document or sentence.

Finch for Text® is currently available as an API hosted in the Amazon cloud.  Read our documentation here and request access to our demo here.

Though we have an interface for demonstration purposes, Finch for Text® is a back-end, developer facing product. Its outputs are JSON, which developers use to write their own applications or within other analytics tools. It is highly (and easily) customizable for specific use cases or industry domains.

Most Finch for Text® engagements involve an annual, volume-based subscription paired with some customization work for specific content types or use cases. We do not charge per user.

To learn more about how Finch for Text® can help you solve your real-time, unstructured text challenges please contact