Finch DaaS

Finch DaaS - COLOR

Finch Data as a Service (DaaS) is  a real-time, enriched feed of user-curated content based on keywords, entities and more. Leveraging our natural language processing (NLP) expertise and proprietary approach to identifying and understanding entities in unstructured text, Finch DaaS helps government agencies, companies and organizations make better use of their informational assets.


Finch DaaS Broadcast provides users with anenriched feed of television and radio broadcast transcripts from over 2,500 stations around the world, including all 210 DMAs in the United States.

Users receive the original transcript, station and program metadata, as well as a refined transcript that is fully enriched with the entities mentioned, geospatial coordinates, key phrases and topic vectors. We remove ads and other filler content and can further filter the content based on geographic region, station, time of day or topics being discussed.


  • 2,600+ TV and Radio stations
  • All 210 DMAs in the U.S.
  • Cable, Satellite, Streaming or Terrestrial Broadcast Content
  • 22 Languages
  • 19 Countries
Finch DaaS NEWS

Finch DaaS News gives users access to 21,000 licensed sources of news enriched with Finch natural language processing (NLP)

Global News:

  • 21,000 premium news sources in 25+ languages from 160+ countries
  • 2.7M online sources from 237 countries in 98 languages
  • 3+ million articles daily