CEA: Startup Stories: This Company Turns Massive Amounts of Data into Valuable Information for Businesses

Kelsey Pommer, August 4, 2015

Startup company Synthos Technologies can take huge amounts of data and information and makes sense of it. From numeric data and textual data to sensor-generated data, Synthos Technologies’ products can perform analytics to produce information that can make their customers’ businesses more effective or save them money.

Caryn Alagno, EVP, Communications and Marketing, explained how Synthos Technologies works: “Our technologies can take in numeric data and textual data in any form. That includes things like news articles, Word documents, geological research reports, message traffic – even an organization’s entire SharePoint environment. We mine the data for patterns and insights and return that to our customers, who use it to either build their own applications or to make better business decisions.”

We had a chance to speak further with Caryn about how Synthos Technologies was formed, how they help their customers and what it’s like to start a new company.
Where did the idea for Synthos Technologies come from?

“Synthos Technologies is the products division of a federal government IT contractor called Qbase. We were carved out as a division – and given our own name and brand and identity – because the company had developed a pretty robust IP portfolio (25 unique pieces of IP!), primarily around text analytics and in-memory computing. The leadership of Qbase decided to commercialize technologies that leveraged this IP, and over the last year or so they’ve brought in the resources necessary to do it. And so today, when we say “We build new ways of interacting with information,” which is our mission as a company, that’s exactly what we do. We build software that helps people get value and meaning from massive amounts of information – in ways they never imagined they could.”

What products does Synthos Technologies produce and how do they work?

“Since I’m not technical, I like to tell people that we do super-computing with words and numbers. And I think that gets at the heart of what we do. We take massive, massive amounts of data – whether it’s actual numeric data, like sensor-generated data, or textual data like Word documents or web articles or anything – and very, very quickly we allow you to perform really complex analytics on it. We can do that on static data, on streaming data or on a combination of the two.

Not a lot of companies are attempting anything like this. But we are. And we sell the approach as well as the platform to support it.

Our specific product portfolio includes: Concipio, an entity extraction and disambiguation service; Finch, our ultra-powerful in-memory computing platform; MetaCarta, a geographic discovery tool that’s been used in the intelligence community for years; and Troverse, a front-end product built on MetaCarta. We also sell some data cleansing tools as well as a business intelligence-style dashboard for communicators, like me. It’s called HEELIX and we did a private beta earlier this year.”

You recently became a CEA member. How has this membership helped your business so far?

“We did! CEA has been incredibly helpful to us. From the events you convene to the market observations you’ve been able to share, we’ve welcomed it all. Perhaps the biggest way you’ve helped us is by taking a look at our technology – as with HEELIX – and road testing it for us, even informally. CEA has so many smart, talented, gracious professionals in-house. We’ve been the beneficiary of that at every turn.”

What has been the most rewarding part of being part of a new company? The most challenging?

“The obvious answer is that we’re all working – so hard – to build something great. We’re all here because we believe in the transformative power of our technology. We see the ways our products can make businesses more effective, make their processes run smoother, save them money, or help them serve customers better, or be more competitive or reduce risk. The world creates so much information in a given day – or even a given minute. Being part of a team that is creating technologies that allow people to make sense of it all in ways that are better, faster, smarter … seems equal parts daunting and exhilarating.”

What is next for Synthos Technologies?

“This year was all about introducing our company and our products. We spent a lot of time on the phone with industry analysts. We maintained a pretty heavy conference schedule. We did a lot of customer demos. We’re going to keep that up and amplify it exponentially as we garner more customers, and more customer success stories. We’ve got such a great story to tell; and it keeps getting better. Of course, all of that means I’ll be pretty busy! And I couldn’t be happier about that.”

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