Finch Computing is staffed with inventors and innovators. Our team of two dozen professionals in two core offices represents some of the best talent in the areas of engineering, modeling, development, sales, communication and strategy.  Below are the bios of our leadership team. If you’d like to join us, apply here.

Steve Baldwin

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer, has a proven track record of building successful IT companies throughout his 30 year career in the technology and federal government IT industry. Most recently, Steve served as President and CEO of Apptis, Inc. where he was instrumental in the company’s growth from 18 to over 1,600 employees in a ten year timeframe through strategic acquisitions and organic expansion. Under his leadership, Apptis garnered substantial market share within the civil, healthcare and defense/national security segments and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Federal Contractors in 2005. Prior to Apptis, Steve was a partner of Concept Automation Inc. and a General Manager at BTG, a publicly held federal integrator. At BTG, Steve led the largest division, Technology Systems, driving revenue from $190 million to $450 million within two years.

Scott Lightner

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Lightner, Chief Technology Officer, has over 20 years of experience developing data-intensive software products and solutions. As CTO, Scott directs product innovation for both the MetaCarta and Finch Computing product lines and provides client driven solution development. He served in the same capacity while CTO at and one of the founders of Qbase. During 13 years at the global information provider, LexisNexis, Scott led the design, development and operational deployment of several search, data mining and entity linking products. These products included billions of records of data from tens of thousands of data sources and provided sub-second response time to complex search and entity linking requests. Scott specializes in the design of fault-tolerant, in-memory computing solutions to address the most challenging data intensive problems. These solutions include massively scalable geospatial image processing, data discovery and profiling, fusion and exploitation of sensor data for situational awareness and a High Throughput Computing (HTC) platform.

Franz Weckesser

Chief Architect

Franz Weckesser, Chief Architect, brings to the team more than 25 years of system engineering experience from Microsoft, LexisNexis, and Reynolds & Reynolds. Franz was a lead developer in the initial release of LexisNexis entity search and verification products on the web exposing thousands of data sources. He co-developed and managed the data mining search engine hosting billions of records. Notably, Franz is renowned in the complex data management, search and retrieval domain and has two registered patents for the development of Associated Text Search and Retrieval Systems. He has also worked extensively on automated data fabrication and enhancement systems for domestic and international data. He currently works with federal government and agency customers. Franz is now focusing his efforts on large scale entity extraction, data fusion and geospatial processing.

Chris Szlucha

Executive Vice President, Professional Services

Chris Szlucha, Executive Vice President, Professional Services, is responsible for the oversight and management of all professional services engagements, supporting the deployment and customization of the entire suite of Finch Computing solutions in search, data management, data enhancement and analytics. In this role, Chris provides technical project management and strategic planning in delivering service offerings that align technology solutions with business objectives. Previously, Chris served as the Director of Enterprise Services and Deputy Program Manager of Operations and Engineering for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Infrastructure Support Service contract. He managed the day-to-day activities of a team of more than 100 system architects, engineers, and administrators charged with the operations of the SEC’s IT infrastructure. During this time, he was responsible for 150% organic growth of the contract. Prior to the SEC, Chris held the positions as Director of Cloud Services, Executive Account Manager, and Senior Systems Architect for Apptis, TATI, and Harrah’s Casino.