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85% of the World’s Content is Unstructured.
Analytics are too Slow.
Real-time isn’t Really.

85% of the World’s Content is Unstructured.
Analytics are too Slow.
Real-time isn’t Really.

Introducing Finch Computing
Find + Search
New Ways of Interacting with Information


Our Innovative Solutions

Our solutions address complex data needs at various points in the software stack.


Analytics as Intended

FinchDB is a new kind of computing platform built for high-volume, high-stakes data environments. Not just a database. Not just an analytics platform. Not just search technology. It’s all three. All together. All in-memory. FinchDB delivers entirely new experiences across a variety of use cases.


Software that Reads

Finch for Text reads free-form text as a human would. It understands context and nuance. It reads, and it reasons.  It turns words into quantifiable, actionable data. And it helps organizations understand the value of their information assets – by uncovering the hidden insights within them.

Our Analytics Continuum


The algorithmic economy is coming. The same algorithms that changed finance are coming to healthcare, retail and manufacturing…Analytics algortihms are the connectors between big data and decision making.

-Gartner, 2015


From prepping data for use, to extracting real-time value from massive amounts of unstructured text, Finch Computing has a software solution. In our view, and in our experience, customers’ needs typically fall somewhere within a very broad spectrum and then evolve as their data environments grow larger and more complex – and as they begin to see and imagine more and more ways to leverage their data resources for the greatest possible value.

There are estimates everywhere. And they all point to the same conclusion: big data is going to be one of the fastest growing industries of the next five years.

We built our solutions in response to this explosive growth and the need for companies to better understand it all. We understand the data needs continuum, as well as what’s coming, and we take pride in helping customers at any point on the continuum find meaningful insight at every point along the way. Insights they didn’t know they had, or didn’t know they were looking for.

We Deliver

Enhanced Customer Service

Do what you do better than ever. Understand what your customers want, where the market is heading and where opportunities lie. What would it mean to be one step ahead?


Real Savings

Save time. Save money. Less waste.
Manpower redirected in new ways.
No more redundant technology.
Performance that matters.


New Product Development

Create entirely new products and services by better leveraging your data. Or your people. Or your resources. What would that do to your bottom line?


Risk Mitigation

Spot problems before they arise. Correct them. Avoid mistakes. Process efficiency that’s exponentially better.


Informed Decision-Making at Scale

Access all of your data, as it changes – all at once and as you need it. What would you do with awareness like that?